Shopping Bags

–  We provide super market T-shirt bags, grip hold bags and loop handle bags. All Green Bags are also reusable, within the limits of natural wear and tear.

Food Bags

–  The Green Bag material contains no chemicals. So food is 100% guaranteed safe.
–  Since our biodegradableand compostable materials are breathable, Green Bags can also better maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Biodegradable Food Container & Cutlery_006
Take Away Cutlery & Food Tray

–  Including: Knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and fast food utensils(food trays) are made without any artifical chemical materials,the tableware is safe for the environment and our health.
** all disposable cutlery and food tray cannot reheat in Microwave oven

Table Cloth_006
Table cloth

– Used table cloth can be recycled according to the Food Waste-Recycling Partnership Scheme.

– custom-made size and pattern are available

Trash bin liners001
Trash Bin liner

–  Can be treated in the kitchen with the kitchen waste recycling


– Produced with 100% degradable material, the style can be designed by itself, and it can be selected in different sizes.; MOQ 5000pcs

10L liners picture(20190304)-001
Trash Bin liner

Home use disposable Trash bin liner
Available in sizes of 10L/20L; good for general home use
–  30 pcs per pack
–  All are biodegradable and compostable

Green Dog waste bag in -Pic E-001
Green Doggy Waste Bag

–  Packed conveniently in a roll of 15, especially for dog owners who are dedicated to protecting the environment.
–  Doggy waste and Green Bag can decompose together at the landfill, even your dog can contribute to soil regeneration.

Dog Food Bowl

–  Made in 100% biodegradable and compostable resin.
100% save for food contact and even more environmental friendly

Apart from Green Bags, we also provide a series of horticultural products made from the same 100% biodegradable and compostable starch resin that is petroleum-free and non-toxic.

Nursery Pot

–  Nursery pots are available in a variety of sizes to suit tiny house plants or large bushes.

Injection Flower Pot

–  Durable and simply styled, our injection flower pots beautify the environment while they protect it.

mulch film-001
Mulch Film

–  An ideal replacement of plastic mulch film, this green alternative can be left in place after installation. This non-toxic and chemical-free material actually nurtures the soil upon decomposing.

Wrapping band 2-001
Wrapping Band

–  perfect substitute of the plastic wrapping band
–  Absolutely no contamination to the veggie
–  Durable and resilient
–  Custom made the size and thickness: MOQ 500 rolls


–  various size available
–  100% Biodegradable and complete no contamination to the earth

Bio resin pic-001

–  Our 100% biodegradable starch resin can also be delivered in pellet form for use in virtually any production process. This versatile material makes an outstanding alternative to petroleum-based raw plastics.