Sustainable development

We have long been advocates for sustainable development and the ability for the future generation to meet their own needs. Green Bag is made from 100% organic materials, with a plant-based starch as its primary component. While plastic does not decompose readily, Green Bag does decompose in a short period of time, only releasing water, carbon dioxide and the inorganic compounds. In fact, Green Bag adds key nutrients into the soil, contributing to a greener and more sustainable natural environment. “FMC Manufacturing Co Ltd” offers a wide range of products based on the Green Bag material, which is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Product                              Time of Biodegrade


Plastic bags                      10-20 years

Tin cans                            50 years

Disposable diapers          50-100 years

Plastic bottle                     100 years

Aluminum cans                200 years

Company Certification

Starting from Jan 2019, we are recognized as “ Sustainable Product Supplier” by Business Environment council.

Product Certification

Our green bag’s product resins were qualified by DIN CERTCO since April 2012, meaning all products pass the US ASTM-D6400 and European Union EN-13432-2000 standards, which stipulate that the product decomposes 90% within 180 days without releasing any toxic elements.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council Report

HKPC has also certified that green bag contains NO petroleum made plastic materials.

EU and US Food contact safety certificate issued by SGS

Food waste composting:

Please check out more information for the food waste composting at